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“The treatments and staff are amazing. I haven’t been anywhere that made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Any treatment is made into a full and enjoyable experience”. Hayleigh Thompson, Hinckley.

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Bye Bye Blemishes, Hello Cryopen Confidence

It is often said that the beauty of the human body is the imperfections that we all carry. Our bodies are what carry us through life and represent who we are – and we love them for it!

While we are the first to celebrate loving your body the way it is, we all have blemishes, red spots and other skin quirks that we adopt throughout life, that we wish we could banish for good. If you feel a similar way, you are not alone!

Although quirks we have with our skin may rest as a burden on our minds when we have certain body parts exposed, there’s no need to let your concern take over. We have a solution for you, which is quick, easy with outstanding results.

At Essentials, we offer treatments using our Cryopen, which is a small handheld device we use in-salon on troublesome areas of your skin that you’d like to improve to skyrocket your confidence! 

So, how does it work? Well, as the name suggests, the Cryopen uses cryotherapy and reaches extremely cold temperatures to remove superficial, unwanted skin lesions without any kind of anaesthetic involved. We use the Cryopen on our clients to remove a range of lesions such as warts, skin tags, verrucae, milia, cherry angiomas, scars, and resistant hyper-pigmentation.

Bye bye blemishes, hello Cryopen confidence


The treatment itself is extremely quick (with most sessions lasting less than two minutes!), virtually painless and one of the least invasive treatments around. That means that you can have your Cryopen session and be back at work or going about your day straight after. What’s more, the Cryopen doesn’t use any dangerous cryogenic gases or liquids, so you can enjoy your treatment with peace of mind and safety.

The team here at Essentials love the Cryopen, and know you will too – so much so, that we’re offering special discounts on Cryopen sessions with us. For August 2017 only, we’re offering treatment for one area for just £25, two areas for £40 and up to six areas for just £60. Enjoy the results of the Cryopen, for less, and feel your confidence boost.

See the Cryopen in action and its incredible results, here. Give the team a call today on 01455 265037 to discuss any queries you have, book yourself in, and enjoy this month’s discounts!

Published Date: 4th August 2017
Category: Skin Care

What our clients say


“I have been to other beauty salons in the past but found Essentials is by far the best.

The staff are welcoming, helpful and so friendly. The infra-red sauna followed by a

massage is fantastic but I have now changed my entire facial routine down to the

amazing facial I had. Thanks to all at Essentials!!”


Fiona McGrady, Hinckley