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“The treatments and staff are amazing. I haven’t been anywhere that made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Any treatment is made into a full and enjoyable experience”. Hayleigh Thompson, Hinckley.

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It’s time to invest in you

Time to invest in you

It’s time to invest in you.

Life is hectic a lot of the time! We all have people depending on us, things that need to be done and day-to-day jobs that we’re responsible for. Often we get so caught up in our own worklists, or being involved in others’ lives that we don’t take time to reflect and relax ourselves.

Speaking of which, when did you last give yourself some me time? We’re not talking 5 minutes’ of book reading before nodding to sleep, we mean proper relaxation and rejuvenation.

We like to think of people as hard-working engines. We do so much throughout life without a word, but could investing in yourself lead to better performance and a healthier, happier you in the long and short term? Definitely

Sure, you might book yourself in for a massage once in a blue moon, but what about more recurring R&R?

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We want to keep you looking, feeling and being healthier and happier, which is why we set up our

VIP membership. We have different pamper levels, so you can suit your needs, starting from just £28 a month with our Amethyst membership.





Time to invest in you


So how does the membership work? Well, simply put, you pay a set amount each month based on your chosen membership level, and we’ll give you credits above the value of your payment to spend on relaxing yourself! There are also extra bonuses to be enjoyed with VIP membership, so be sure to discover more here.




A recurring-style membership with us means we can ensure that you get the R&R you need to stay healthy, happy and beautiful all year round!

It’s also very important to remember the importance of de-stressing on your physical health. Our treatments will have you looking great, but will also be doing great to you inside. Isn’t it about time you were looked after?

Discover the ways you can benefit from VIP membership today, and give us a call on 01455 265037.

You deserve it.

Time to invest in you

Published Date: 5th July 2017
Category: Skin Care

What our clients say


“I have been to other beauty salons in the past but found Essentials is by far the best.

The staff are welcoming, helpful and so friendly. The infra-red sauna followed by a

massage is fantastic but I have now changed my entire facial routine down to the

amazing facial I had. Thanks to all at Essentials!!”


Fiona McGrady, Hinckley