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“The treatments and staff are amazing. I haven’t been anywhere that made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Any treatment is made into a full and enjoyable experience”. Hayleigh Thompson, Hinckley.

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Why The Power Facial Is Your New Best Friend

Best friends bring out the best in you…and so does our new Power Facial. This revolutionary skin treatment, which incorporates Laser Skin Rejuvenation and Microdermabrasion, is fast becoming a favourite here at Essentials.

The Power Facial is a versatile treatment that can be used to treat many common skin problems. It is great for acne and acne scarring, lifting skin around the eyes, skin rejuvenation, scarring, lesions and pigmentation problems, warts, thread veins and more.

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The treatment is quick and there’s no down-time after each session. Best of all, unlike most Laser treatments, the Power Facial is painless: patients often describe the sensation as warm water drops being applied to the skin, a slight warming sensation.

This treatment first begins with a deep cleanse using micro-dermabrasion and professional products. Then a low-level laser is used to repair damaged skin. The unique wavelength of light is emitted from a specialised hand-piece that we use to target your problem areas.

Our clients and team love the results. How can the Power Facial benefit you?

Acne & Acne Scarring: A single treatment has been shown to decrease the average number of break-our lesion by 50%. Improvements last 12+ weeks from a single treatment. For clients with active acne we usually recommend three treatments, over three months for long-term results.

Skin Tightening: loose sagging skin? Sun damage wrinkles and lines? The Power Facial is a great choice for non-surgical skin-tightening, without nay downtime. You can even put your make-up straight back on. This treatment stimulates collagen and elastin production so you can see continued improvement over a long period of time. Collagen levels on average improve by 98% in a single treatment and the depth of a wrinkle by 55%. The results are natural-looking and impressive.

Skin Rejuvenation: Turn back the clock and rediscover a younger looking you with the Power Facial. This treatment is great for shrinking open pores, reducing wrinkles, fading hyperpigmentation and smoothing lines and wrinkles – naturally. We are simply gently stimulating your own natural skins plumpness and natural collagen and elastin.

Call us today to book your Power Facial. Like your best friend, the Power Facial treatment just feels right and makes you feel fantastic.


Published Date: 26th October 2016
Category: Skin Care

What our clients say


“I have been to other beauty salons in the past but found Essentials is by far the best.

The staff are welcoming, helpful and so friendly. The infra-red sauna followed by a

massage is fantastic but I have now changed my entire facial routine down to the

amazing facial I had. Thanks to all at Essentials!!”


Fiona McGrady, Hinckley