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#TakeControlOfYourSkin in the sun this summer

When it comes to the sun, most of us are very happy at its arrival. It’s not very often we get a fully clear and sunny day here in England and when we do, we like to enjoy it!

In fact, we love the sun so much that many of us will jet off to all four corners of the earth around Summer time in order to get a dose of it and relax and unwind.

While most of us are sun worshippers, it’s also important to respect the sun’s power. Whether you’re enjoying a sunny day in your back garden here in the UK or enjoy the rays in the Canary Islands, it’s integral we are putting the right measures in place to protect our bodies from potential damage.

As we’re taking back control of our skin this month here at Essentials, we wanted to share a few top tips for keeping your skin sun protected .

Take Control of Your Skin


The sun’s rays are everywhere and while it’s vital to wear suncream while in direct sunlight, what about the rest of the time? To stay protected longer term and day-to-day, grab a moisturiser with a good SPF factor, and if you wear make up, ensure that you also discuss SPF protection at your beauty counter!  

Shade your eyes

Eyes are incredibly sensitive to the sun’s rays, and keeping your eyesight protected is paramount. Ensure that – even in England – you keep your sunnies at the bottom of your bag. After all, we don’t know when the sun’s going to make an appearance here! On holiday, ensure you always have your pair with you, especially if your eyes are blue, making them more susceptible to damage.

Reapply your sun protection!

When we’re in the heat all day we splash in the pool or sea, lay on our beach towels and definitely sweat! All these factors and more go some way to rub off all that important sun protection you’ve applied. Do not be afraid to reapply very often! You will still get the benefits the sun has to offer and a tan, but without any of the nasty side effects!

Protect your lips

The skin on our lips is particularly thin and sensitive, leaving our mouths a exposed when we’re in the sun for a while, leading to painful blistering and long-term causes for wrinkles. As with the rest of your skin, ensure you carry a lip balm designed for sun usage with SPF protection, and apply it at least every hour.

Head protection

For anyone who’s suffered heat/sun stroke, you can vouch for this. Keeping your head (and body) shaded is essential. If you’re out adventuring all day in the sun, keep a hat with a small brim in order to shade your head and face. Also ensure that you head for the shade every so often to cool down.


Of course, we always request you stay hydrated! It’s one of the best things we can do to keep our skin hydrated. When you’re in the sun, we need extra water to account for the heat and sweating. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Your skin will thank you later!


How do you #TakeControlOfYourSkin in the sun?

Published Date: 11th June 2017
Category: Skin Care

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