Why come to Essentials?

“The treatments and staff are amazing. I haven’t been anywhere that made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Any treatment is made into a full and enjoyable experience”. Hayleigh Thompson, Hinckley.

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The new revolution in Teeth Whitening!

Teeth WhiteningYears of drinking coffee, tea and other caffeine drinks such as cola, smoking, and taking antibiotics and other drugs, causes your teeth to discolour.

Using the ‘White by Light’ system is 2 – 8 times more effective than other teeth whitening systems – without the use of hydrogen pyroxide bleach or sodium flouride.  This also means that, amongst other benefits, there is no sensitivity afterwards (and no pain during the treatment)!

Also, unlike many other teeth whitening systems, you can eat as normal following the treatment as it does not make the teeth enamel porous.  With many other systems you need to avoid highly coloured food following a treatment – unless you want coloured teeth!

Actual photo of one of our therapists teeth before and after one session

Actual photo of one of our therapists teeth before and after one session

You are also able to have the treatment as often as you wish as there are no detrimental effects – just whiter teeth and healthier gums each time.

With the ‘White by Light’ you not only achieve a whiter smile but the blue violet and infrared light used also reduce and remove harmful bacteria from your mouth and are effective against teeth and gum conditions, and improve overall health and wellbeing.

If you suffer from bleeding gums, mouth ulcers or other peridontal disease such a gingivitis, the system is an effective treatment, confirmed by many clinical studies.

Single whitening treatment –                         recommended price min £150.00        Our Price £120.00      

Course of 3 whitening treatments £325      Course of 6 whitening treatments £590

Gum treatment alone – single treatment £50

Course of 3 gum treatments £135    Course of 6 gum treatments £250


What our clients say


“I have been to other beauty salons in the past but found Essentials is by far the best.

The staff are welcoming, helpful and so friendly. The infra-red sauna followed by a

massage is fantastic but I have now changed my entire facial routine down to the

amazing facial I had. Thanks to all at Essentials!!”


Fiona McGrady, Hinckley