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“The treatments and staff are amazing. I haven’t been anywhere that made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Any treatment is made into a full and enjoyable experience”. Hayleigh Thompson, Hinckley.

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What is micro-blading? Your eyebrows are so important when it comes to defining your facial features. However you want yours to look, there’s so much you can do to re-shape and re-define them, whether it be for a single night out or longer.

Microblading is a semi-permanent and totally natural option that is all the rage among the biggest and brightest celebrities, and won’t leave you looking like you’ve been attacking yourself with a black marker pen!

Really natural-looking hairs are created to give you fabulous, defined brows that don’t wash off!

It’s a perfect option if you want to reconstruct your eyebrows, add a slight arch, define them or fill in annoying gaps that occur naturally or as the result of over-plucking. It’s perfect for alopecia sufferers or if medication has meant your brows have thinned or disappeared.

How does microblading work?

It’s a bit of an artform! Like tattooing, a pigment is drawn under your skin – but it doesn’t go as deep as a regular tattoo would. Hair-like strokes are drawn on your brows to mimic natural hairs and it doesn’t hurt. Well – not too much! You’ll experience a sensation like light and gentle scratches, and numbing cream is applied to dull the feeling anyhow.

Generally, the results of your microblading treatment last for up to two years, but in the immediate hours after your treatment you should protect your brows from all moisture, so exercise is out as is washing your face with water. There will some mild redness on the day but you’ll see your brows settle down pretty quickly.

After that, you’ll find your newly microbladed eyebrows are gorgeous to look at and require very little maintenance. You can wash your face normally and won’t find your brows running down your face if you get caught out in a rain storm! Should you need to top them up from time to time, you can always pop back for extra treatments too.

If you’d like to know more about our microblading service with Millie or would like to arrange a consultation, then give us a call on 01455 265037.

Let’s get your brows looking film-star perfect!

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What our clients say


“I have been to other beauty salons in the past but found Essentials is by far the best.

The staff are welcoming, helpful and so friendly. The infra-red sauna followed by a

massage is fantastic but I have now changed my entire facial routine down to the

amazing facial I had. Thanks to all at Essentials!!”


Fiona McGrady, Hinckley